1. What is Ajax Post Save?
  2. Why must I press 'Save and Continue Editing' before using Ajax Post Save?

What is Ajax Post Save?

Ajax Post Save is a WordPress plugin which enables you to save any WordPress post/page with Ajax; you can now make edits to a post and not have to reload the WordPress administration page every time you want to save and preview the post. WordPress already has an Ajax save function on the post edit pages which automatically saves a drafted post after 120 seconds. This is helpful, but it only works for posts that have not been published and will not work with pages; making this function almost useless.

This plugin puts the auto save function to good use and adds an extra button next to the default "Save and Continue Editing" on the administration pages. The original WordPress auto save function has been edited to accommodate extra features such as not only saving the title and content of the post but saving categories, password, slug, status and so on. The only settings that are not saved through Ajax is the page template and the post timestamp, this is because editing these require a full reload anyway.

You have the option to remove the "Save and Continue Editing" button that is currently used and replace it with a "Save Through Ajax" button or have both of them. The plugin also enables you to change the interval time between each post/page auto save.

Why must I press 'Save and Continue Editing' before using Ajax Post Save?

In Ajax Post Save versions 1.2 or older you must press the 'Save and Continue Editing' button before Ajax Post Save is activated. This is a security measure and is only in action when writing a new post or page. If you are editing an existing post or page you do not have to do this.

Just type your post/page title and press the 'Save and Continue Editing' button to enable Ajax Post Save.

In earlier versions of Ajax Post Save you could use the 'Save Through Ajax' button to create posts and pages for the first time. This feature has now been removed to avoid creating a post and then duplicating it when you press the 'Save and Continue Editing', 'Save' or 'Publish' buttons. I hope to integrate this feature back into Ajax Post Save at a later date, but without the errors.